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Tammy can always be found in one of two places, in her studio or the garden. Being an avid gardener since childhood has strongly influenced her art. Spending countless hours amongst the flora studying their habitat, morphology and growth patterns has helped to form the basis of her work. "A plant will 'speak to me' and I feel compelled to re-create it on paper." The minute details of the subject's structure are what excite her into bringing it to life in the colors and forms she observes. Wanting the viewer to see it in a way the may not have known before, intimately. Colored pencil has recently become her medium of choice only slightly edging out watercolor. "There are so many possibilities to be explored using colored pencil alone, as well as, with other mediums>" Tammy's studio is filled with plant matter, photographs and sketchbooks bursting with ideas and information curated while on her numerous travels around the world. Her hope is to add their likenesses to her body of work.

Born in New Jersey, she received her degree in painting with a minor in art history from Montclair State College*. After raising her two children, she went on to a successful career in floral design in Manhattan and New Jersey. Tammy graduated with honors from the New York Botanical Garden with a certificate in Botanical Art and Illustration. She is a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists, the Tri-State Botanical Artists and is a Fellow of the Society of Botanical Artists and a Member with Distinction with the American Women Artists. Her work is currently in private collections across the United States. 

*now Montclair State University

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